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Secrets of success of DXC Technology in Chicago

The IT industry is developing rapidly all over the world, and Chicago is no exception. In this regard, more and more large IT companies are appearing on the Chicago market. A striking example of this is DXC Technology (formerly Computer Sciences Corporation). The company has an interesting history and helps people do business using IT. Read more about the history and activities of the company on

How was the company founded?

This American company was established in 2017 by combining the assets of two companies. In 2016, an agreement was concluded to transfer the corporate IT services division of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (with a turnover of USD 19 billion) to Computer Sciences Corporation, resulting in a new IT services provider with annual revenues of USD 26 million. When the assets were merged, half of the shares in the new corporation went to Hewlett Packard Enterprise. In addition, Mike Lawrie was elected CEO of the company.

In April 2017, the deal was closed and a new corporation, DXC Technology, was formed.

The main goals of the company

DXC Technology helps large firms manage mission-critical systems and operations. Its experts modernize IT by optimizing data architecture and ensuring full security and scalability across public, private and hybrid clouds.

DXC Technology employs more than 130,000 people in 60 countries who develop unique technologies that ensure business success and security. Thanks to well-established work, the team manages to create solutions and achieve positive results.

It is important to note that this company employs exclusively IT professionals with extensive experience who know all the nuances of creating effective technologies. Specialists working here get very good opportunities to develop their careers and increase trust among customers.

The main goal of this enterprise is to provide IT services using the full power of technology to create a good future for customers, the environment and communities.

Employees do their job honestly, efficiently and quickly, thus giving confidence to customers, business partners and investors.

DXC Technology develops unique business solutions that help solve complex problems. That is, they work in the aerospace and defense industry, automotive, healthcare, insurance and the public sector.

Why do inclusivity and diversity play a role in the IT industry?

Since its inception, the company has made a positive name for itself. All thanks to the fact that they create the most innovative and efficient technologies in the world.

Inclusiveness and diversity are central to their operations. They contribute to business development. That is, experts create products for different segments of the population and easily bring them to market.

Inventions are a byproduct of an inclusive workplace. Behind each of their ideas is a large team of people who always look at problems from different angles and take into account all the nuances.

Various products created by DXC Technology make it possible to make positive changes in the IT sector, contributing to its full development.

In addition to providing IT services, the company is actively involved in donations. In 2022, they donated UAH 10 million to the Ukrainian Red Cross Society and provided financial assistance to their Ukrainian employees.

DXC Technology continues to work for the benefit of people around the world.

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