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How to repair an office chair?

Whether in the office or at home, furniture, especially chairs, can break down over time due to worn-out parts. This is usually caused by prolonged use or careless handling. However, when office furniture breaks, it’s not necessary to immediately buy a new chair. Simply replacing the broken part with a new one can be a more cost-effective solution. We’ll discuss how to save on these repairs in our article.

Where to order parts for an office chair? 

Before replacing parts in an office chair, it’s important to find a store that offers quality office accessories. Often, the most commonly replaced parts are chair rollers. If you’re looking for chair rollers or other parts for office furniture, we recommend visiting the STEALTHO store’s website. They offer a wide range of office accessories and parts that will come in handy during repairs. STEALTHO is a great find for both office workers and home users alike, providing parts at a highly accessible cost.

How to fix a sinking office chair? 

Another common issue with office chairs is sagging. Yet, this doesn’t necessarily mean you need a new chair. In our article, we’ll share tips on how to fix a sinking office chair at home. First, identify the reason your chair keeps sinking. Often, it’s due to a malfunction in the piston mechanism. Wear and tear on parts and nitrogen leakage can cause the chair to constantly lower, causing discomfort. Sinking can also occur due to excessive weight. Following proper usage guidelines can help avoid this issue. 

Rapidly sitting down on the chair can create sudden stress, leading to problems with the height adjustment mechanism. Sinking might also result from worn-out parts or manufacturing defects, though extended use is the most common cause. Identify the reason for your chair’s sinking to fix it correctly. To rectify sinking, you’ll need to replace the faulty cylinder and secure the chair at a specific height. For detailed instructions on fixing the chair at home, you can visit the STEALTHO website.

How to remove office chair wheels at home? 

We’ve already discussed where to buy chair wheels in our article. However, you may not know how to properly remove them at home. That’s why we’ll explain how to remove office chair wheels without the help of specialists. Replacing chair wheels is a fairly simple task that anyone with the desire can accomplish. Before replacing old wheels with new ones, you need to correctly remove the worn-out parts. To remove old wheels, follow these steps: 

  1. Tilt the office chair onto its side.
  2. Unscrew the threaded wheel by turning it counterclockwise.
  3. Use lubricant to carefully pull out the caster.
  4. If a caster is stuck, use household items, such as a screwdriver, to lift it. A wrench is the best tool for this.
  5. Remove the wheel along with the pin for nail extraction.

Replacing wheels with new ones is a straightforward process. However, it’s important to follow all recommendations to avoid causing more serious damage.

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